Forbes:  Entrepreneurship - the Way to Teach Peace in the Middle East    More

Forbes: Entrepreneurship - the Way to Teach Peace in the Middle East More

Entrepreneur Magazine:  10 Questions to Answer Before Pitching Investors    More

Entrepreneur Magazine: 10 Questions to Answer Before Pitching Investors More

US State Department Magazine:  Job creation employment advisors promote entrepreneurship    More

US State Department Magazine: Job creation employment advisors promote entrepreneurship More

  • 09/27/19 Providence Business News R.I. has a robust entrepreneurial community, but can it do more to grow and keep startups?
    “For a small state, Rhode Island punches above its weight when it comes to producing promising startups and organizations that help nurture and fund them, according to longtime observers of the state’s entrepreneurial scene.

    ‘The [current] level of the entrepreneurial community in Rhode Island is unprecedented – and I’ve been around here for 35 years,’ said Danny Warshay, executive director of the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University.

    He and others say it starts with local colleges and universities. There’s a synergy in the air in those communities that’s almost palpable to the attuned investor. But it’s not just about whiz-kid capitalists. Rhode Island also has a legion of generational, family-owned companies here that were built from scratch.

    Of course, as most of them will tell you, things could always be better…” More

  • 09/27/19 Brown Daily Herald Thompson ’09, Milhouse join Nelson Center as Entrepreneurs in Residence
    “Arnell Milhouse and Laura Thompson ’09 will help students build startups and develop ideas as this year’s Entrepreneurs in Residence at the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship…

    Thompson was in part inspired to become an entrepreneur because of the class ‘ENGN 1010: The Entrepreneurial Process,’ taught by Danny Warshay ’87 P ’20 P ’23, now director of the Nelson Center. In his class, Thompson worked with some friends to start Runa, a company that sells healthy energy drinks. After graduation, she worked at Google for seven years, contributing to projects like smart contact lenses, self-driving cars and delivery drones.

    When Warshay was considering candidates for the EIR position, Thompson ‘was very clearly at the top of the list,’ he said. She had already returned to the University multiple times to give talks and mentor students...’” More

  • 09/24/19 GoLocal Providence Good Design on Thayer Street
    “At a time when colleges and universities are commissioning starchitects to design big-ticket items such as performing arts centers and business schools, it is refreshing to discover a modest, barebones triumph inside the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at 249 Thayer Street.

    Just opened this year, the NCE is Brown University's foray into the world of creating dedicated spaces where students can, in President Christina Paxson's words, "hatch ideas, launch ventures, and hone entrepreneurial skills…

    As Danny Warshay, executive director of the NCE reports, ‘The flexibility of the design–the furniture and even the walls move–empowers student entrepreneurs to configure the space on the fly to meet their immediate needs.’

    Further, Warshay notes that 3SIXØ'S thoughtful planning ‘will encourage the accidental interdisciplinary collisions that lead to breakthrough insights and provide the student co-working space that helps translate these insights into successful ventures.’” More

  • 09/24/19 Brown Daily Herald University’s Breakthrough-Lab supports student ventures
    “For eight weeks over the summer, student entrepreneurs gathered in the workspaces and lecture halls of the new Jonathan M. Nelson Center For Entrepreneurship to work on venture projects through the Breakthrough-Lab program.

    B-Lab — a summer program that supports students’ entrepreneurial projects — will close out its fifth annual cycle with a student showcase event Wednesday…

    Projects ranged from medicine and education to food and sustainability. This diversity reflects the Nelson Center’s broader definition of entrepreneurship as ‘a structured process for problem-solving,’ said Danny Warshay ’87 P’20 P’23, executive director of the Nelson Center. ‘All of (the 14 pitches) are focused on solving important problems. They’re using the entrepreneurial process” to identify unmet needs, build small-scale solutions and eventually “develop a higher-impact solution at scale.’” More

  • 07/19/19 News From Brown Highlighting Brown’s distinction in entrepreneurship
    “Offering courses, programs and support to students at every stage of the entrepreneurial process, the Nelson Center has become a nexus for entrepreneurship at Brown in just three years since launch…‘Entrepreneurship at Brown transcends academic boundaries and empowers students to make a significant positive impact in the world, regardless of their field and ultimate career,’ said executive director Danny Warshay. ‘We do not teach entrepreneurship as a narrow set of skills to apply only to the business world — we approach it as a methodology for developing solutions to society’s most pressing challenges, regardless of where those challenges reside.’” More

  • 04/08/19 Most Innovative Professor Awards Meet the 6 Most Innovative Professors of 2019
    “Arist is proud to recognize these professors for their cutting-edge work changing education.

    In late 2018, Arist asked students from colleges and universities around the world to nominate professors that have made a significant impact through innovative teaching methods. After combing through nearly 100 nominations, judges selected a small group of professors for interviews to further evaluate their impact both in the classroom and beyond, with factors such as research, professional experience, and influence in their respective field as additional criteria. ‘You cannot teach a mindset, but you can teach a process.’ Professor Warshay has never agreed that entrepreneurs need to have something that others refer to as ‘entrepreneurial spirit…’” More

  • 03/20/19 Brown Daily Herald Brown Venture Prize awards $50,000 to student start-ups
    “We don’t consider ourselves a business factory, we are a center that empowers people to identify problems and develop solutions with impact,” Warshay said. The teams that entered and were selected for that final pitch prize night “are a good reflection of that emphasis,” he added.” More

  • 02/20/19 Brown Daily Herald Nelson Entrepreneurship Center to relocate on Thayer
    "Unlike its old home, the Nelson Center’s new space will have ‘no permanent walls,’ Warshay said. Instead, there will be ‘pivotable partitions’ that will allow students to create the spaces that they need. ‘The space overall will look very different from one minute to the next,’ Warshay added. The design will help initiate what he calls ‘accidental collisions’ of different points of view. It’ll provide a physical space that we’ve not had to date.’ The central space aims to ‘encourage students to work on their startups and venture opportunities,’ he added. ‘We’re trying to run the center as our own startup. The building is an element of our sustainability model, which will amplify, catalyze (and) build more momentum toward launching more ventures. We’ve built in as much flexibility into the space as we can, so that we will learn as we go,’ Warshay added. ‘The space will flex as we develop.’” More

  • 12/18 The 50 Best Places To Start a Business
    "Thirty years ago, Providence was no place for entrepreneurs. ‘There were no other startups, no infrastructure or support,’ recalls Danny Warshay, director of Brown University's Center for Entrepreneurship. Today, resources abound--from early-stage funding (Slater Technology Fund; Cherrystone Angel Group) and accelerators (MassChallenge) to organi­zations like the Lady Project (a networking nonprofit for female entrepreneurs). Top culinary school Johnson & Wales and RISD have also helped nurture many food startups and design-focused innovators in the area." More

  • 04/03/18 Jamaica Observer New Fortress Energy Happy With Entrepreneurship Workshops
    "Organisers of New Fortress Energy's entrepreneurship workshops, held March 26, are happy that the events attracted more than 250 participants who received sound investment advice from experts — among them Danny Warshay, executive director of the Jonathan M Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University…Citing examples from global brands like Procter and Gamble, Warshay gave actionable and practical advice to the participants, urging them to employ the right type of research in their start-up ventures, which includes listening empathetically and observing anthropologically, rather than simply relying on focus groups, surveys and feedback, all of which can produce biased and emotionally driven responses.” More

  • 10/19/18 The Modern Sale Sales, Graduated!
    "...of the more than 170,000 students who earn MBAs annually, only a tiny fraction learn about sales. This is ludicrous, says Danny Warshay, executive director of the Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University. ‘If you don’t ultimately make a sale, the other work you’ve done in creating your business model doesn’t mean much,” the professor warns. “Selling is the way you translate the value of what you’re doing to the people who need it.’” More

  • 11/19/17 Brown Daily Herald New Initiative connects IBES, Nelson Center
    "...Part of the Nelson Center’s philosophy is defining “entrepreneurship as this methodology for solving problems,” said Daniel Warshay ’87 P’20, executive director of the Nelson Center. This methodology consists of three steps: defining a problem or an “unmet need,” developing a value proposition and creating a sustainability model... The combination of IBES’ expertise and ours yields opportunities together that probably wouldn’t have seen (the) light of day, and we’re happy to catalyze a lot of those,” Warshay said. “We’re all nurturing seedlings together." More

  • 8/1/17 Fully Alive: Using the Lessons of the Amazon to Live Your Mission in Business and Life by Tyler Gage (co-founder of Runa founded in my Brown Entrepreneurial Process course)
    "...Danny Warshay, a successful serial entrepreneur who had cofounded and sold start-ups to companies such as Apple, was teaching the class. He told us he was going to lead the course in the style of a Harvard Business School seminar, with a focus on the practical nuts and bolts of getting a company from idea to execution. In addition to reviewing case studies in every class, the backbone for the semester would be the creation of a business plan, working in small teams to create the idea, write the plan, and then pitch it as the final. Danny came across as such a caring, knowledgeable, and focused teacher that I forgot all my reservations about taking too many business classes and instead felt a blast of enthusiasm. The newness of the language, tone, and types of students in the class also intrigued me. I saw it as another form of cultural exploration...

    ...Danny shook his head when we ran it by him. “Think bigger!” he ordered. Our plan, he said, sounded like a lot of work to sell a few thousand dollars’ worth of tea every month. He was hyper-focused on challenging his students to craft ideas that could be scaled into large businesses." More

  • 1/6/17 RI Public Radio The Bottom Line: Brown's Push For Entrepreneurship
    This week's guest is Danny Warshay, executive director of the Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University. Warshay, who helped to start a manufacturing business in Rhode Island, discusses why Brown is fertile ground for entrepreneurs, and how the university is working to make entrepreneurship a cornerstone for students and faculty of all disciplines. More

  • 1/5/17 Providence Business News Starting and Growing a Business in Rhode Island
    "People who are in entrepreneurship generally don’t think about hurdles. Entrepreneurship… is a methodology for solving problems." More

  • 12/6/16 In true entrepreneurial spirit, Brown’s new center is up and running
    “Entrepreneurship has been embedded in Brown’s culture for decades,” said Danny Warshay, a 1987 Brown alumnus and the center’s inaugural executive director. “In launching the Jonathan M. Nelson Center, our mission is to make entrepreneurship an essential part of the Brown experience.” More

  • 9/9/16 Forbes Rhode Island: The Startup State
    Supported by academic institutions and community and philanthropic leaders, the state is not alone in its mission. Brown has a brand new $25 million entrepreneurship center going up this year that will doubtless generate a lot of excitement, and it’s being led by Rhode Island entrepreneurial hero Danny Warshay. And the Rhode Island Foundation has been funding its Innovation Fellows up to $300,000 to “dramatically” improve an area of life in the state. More

  • 8/10/16 Danny Warshay Named Executive Director of Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship
    Danny Warshay ’87, a talented educator and successful career entrepreneur, has been named as the inaugural executive director of the Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University, effective August 15, 2016. In this role, he will report directly to the Provost. More

  • 10/10/15 Seeds of Peace Gather Fellows London Blog
    Building off previous successful engagements with the GATHER initiative in Jordan and Jerusalem, Serial Entrepreneur and Brown University Professor Danny Warshay led a workshop for the GATHER Fellows that kicked off with the “think-big” and “envision forests not seedlings” mantras and approaches as a key ingredient to a future-focused and innovative entrepreneurial thinking, before homing in on one of the most critical skills in entrepreneurship: bottom-up research. The workshop guided the Fellows on how to identify and validate unmet needs in an attempt to better strategize their approaches and thus scale the impact of their work. More

  • 8/18/15 Refinery29 How To Start A Company Before You're 25
    The groundwork for Dear Kate was laid within the four walls of a classroom. Specifically, a Brown University undergraduate course called The Entrepreneurial Process, which leads students through the steps of building a company from the ground up. The course has been taught for 10 years by serial entrepreneur Danny Warshay. More

  • 7/24/15 Seeds of Peace Hosts Entrepreneurial Process Workshop in Jerusalem
    Brown University professor Danny Warshay led the eight-hour workshop, held July 24 at the America House in East Jerusalem for 11 Seeds and non-Seeds from different professional sectors. “I had an idea for a good project, but had no idea where to start from,” said Rama, a Seed from Gaza. “This workshop helped me to know the how!” More

  • 6/16/15 Brown Summer B-lab Bottom-Up Customer Research with Danny Warshay
    Danny took the time to present to B-Lab participants Monday, speaking about customer research in entrepreneurship. The teams left with a set of new tools with which to engage their target markets. Each team had an opportunity to workshop different bottom-up approaches in their customer discovery process. More

  • 5/11/15 Providence Business News Student Entrepreneurship Is In
    "There are lots more support structures, resources, mentorship, funding than ever before," said Danny Warshay, an entrepreneurship lecturer at Brown University when he isn't starting companies. More

  • 4/1/15 Men's Fitness Channing Tatum and the Quest for the Perfect Buzz
    ...But their professor—an entrepreneur named Danny Warshay, who’d worked for [P&G]—urged them to think otherwise. “It hadn’t even crossed our minds,” Gage confesses. Over late nights, however, the idea marinated. In December 2008, two days after he and MacCombie graduated, they flew to Ecuador. More

  • 12/11/14 Tienphong Newspaper Vietnam
    Mr. Danny Warshay, founder of DEW Ventures, a firm based in Providence, RI specializing in training for startups, told entrepreneurs that they still need to prove demand by the evidence. Typically, startups skip steps which Warshay called "bottom-up" research, i.e. an understanding of end customer demand. Warshay, who helped build more than 16 companies, said: "When companies come to me, I'm always looking for research from those who will actually use the product." More

  • 10/20/14 Forbes Entrepreneurship - the Way to Teach Peace in the Middle East
    This past summer, during a time of great tension in Israel, I was privileged to learn from Brown University professor Danny Warshay, who has devoted his career to developing high-growth entrepreneurial ventures and to teaching aspiring entrepreneurs to do so on their own. He came to Jerusalem to teach my group of up-and-coming Jewish leaders a course about the entrepreneurial process. More

  • 10/17/14 East Side Monthly
    A Conversation with East Sider Danny Warshay From the East Side to the Middle East, Danny Warshay Teaches EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneur Danny Warshay lives on the East Side, where his children attend public schools and he enjoys spin classes at the Dwares JCC. Warshay, who holds an undergraduate degree from Brown University and a Harvard MBA, has taught entrepreneurship for Tel Aviv University’s MBA program every summer since 2006. Warshay teaches entrepreneurship in such far-flung locales as Bahrain, China, Egypt, Portugal, Slovenia and South Africa and across the United States. More 

  • 7/1/14 Providence Journal R.I. firm’s high-tech shin guards give some international soccer players a leg up
    Although soccer fans worldwide are focused on the World Cup, viewers might not realize many international players have been wearing shin guards with new technology designed and manufactured... More

  • 4/28/2014 Providence Business News Make It New, Make It Fast, Make It Work Superbly
    Isaac Newton left something out when he wrote down his theories on gravity: it can hurt. At G-Form LLC, a Rhode Island sports equipment manufacturer, the mission is to make it hurt less. The company, launched in 2010, produces athletic pads that prevent injuries but don’t get in the way during play. “We’re in the business of making the world a safer place,” said Danny Warshay, G-Form co-founder and executive chairman. “We don’t have to pay pro athletes to use our products. They use them because they like them.” More

  • 4/1/14 State Magazine Job creation employment advisors promote entrepreneurship
    Shawn Akard, like many [US State Department] Global Employment Advisors, emphasizes entrepreneurship. She attended a workshop [in Bahrain] on the topic given by Brown University Professor Danny Warshay, and learned “to think differently about starting a business.” She tailored information from the workshop to fit her Portable Careers workshop for family members, who often struggle to find employment opportunities in host country economies. By using such strategies as telecommuting, creating home-based businesses and taking on consulting work, family members can build entrepreneurial careers overseas, she said. More

  • 3/19/14 Providence Business News March Geek dinner to feature G-Form
    For their March meetup, the Providence Geeks will host G-Form LLC, a company that sells protective gear for athletes and electronic devices using a reactive and flexible technology to guard against impact damage. G-Form gained public attention January 2012 with the viral YouTube video demonstrating how an iPad survived a drop of more than 100,000 feet from space into the Nevada desert, shielded by G-Form’s 6 oz. Perimeter case. More

  • 2/20/14 Creative Education Foundation Innovators to Educators
    Five of Danny's Brown University students turned entrepreneurs tell their stories of their entrepreneurial evolution. Watch Video

  • 11/25/13 Gulf Daily News
    As part of the US Embassy’s “Global Entrepreneurship Week Programme,” American Professor Danny Warshay led an interactive entrepreneurship course titled ‘Entrepreneurship boot camp’ at the Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance yesterday. The session was organised by the embassy in partnership with the Bahrain SMEs Society. Above, participants at the venue. More

  • 5/20/2013 Providence Journal Warshay advocates power of local partners
    Danny Warshay’s latest startup launched in a Scituate barn 2½ years ago with five employees and has since created and patented technology for the protective gear it manufactures for electronic devices and athletes. G-Form’s material stiffens momentarily to absorb the energy of an impact and then returns to its pliable state. The gear is also machine washable, key for sweat-soaked hockey and soccer gear. The company now employs 50, but Warshay says the 400 people working in its local supply chain enable G-Form to move quickly. More

  • 5/17/2013 Providence Journal The Garage Highlights Growing Companies
    Danny Warshay recalls a time when people in Rhode Island who wanted to create their own companies from scratch were considered oddballs, or even "mutants." He was one of them, back when he graduated from Brown University in 1987 and was developing a software start-up here. Nobody understood him or his peers, he says, and when they ultimately sold their start-up to Apple, that compelled them to relocate to the West Coast. Times have changed, he says. More

  • 12/31/12 Entrepreneur Magazine 10 Questions to Answer Before Pitching Investors
    It isn't enough to tell investors there's a need for your product; you need hard facts and real-world examples to prove it, says Danny Warshay, founder of DEW Ventures, a Providence, R.I.-based firm that provides startup coaching. Often, small-business owners skip what Warshay calls "bottom-up" research with customers.... More

  • 11/12/12 Providence Business News Campus Entrepreneurs Honor Hearts
    “A lot of this is serendipity,” said Danny Warshay, who has taught, as an adjunct professor, a class in entrepreneurship at Brown since 2006 and who is the CEO of G-Form LLC, maker of “extreme” athletic and electronic, protective equipment. “I’m amazed and marveled at what my students are able to [produce]. In many cases, they’re really smart and don’t have enough concrete experience to know what they can’t do, so they go out and do it anyway.” More

  • 10/15/12 Providence Business News R.I. companies honored at Museum of Science’s ‘Invented Here’ awards
    IlluminOss Medical Inc. and G-Form LLC were two of the four companies honored at the Boston Museum of Science’s second annual “Invented Here” awards. More

  • 10/11/12 Brown Daily Herald Program Seeks to Boost Campus Entrepreneurship
    The University was named a Changemaker Campus last month by Ashoka U, an accelerator for social entrepreneurship at institutions of higher education. Nineteen colleges and universities were selected this year through a process that included interviews, a site visit and a selection panel that evaluated commitments to promoting entrepreneurship. More

  • 9/27/12 Quadangles Throw Your I-Phone, We Dare You
    What do pro BMX rider Lee Dennis and many iPads® have in common? G-Form protection. If that answer was not obvious, it soon will be. Based in Providence, G-Form is a rapidly growing startup company that manufactures protective padding for athletes and consumer electronics. Among the 40 employees in the company’s home office are six URI graduates: Meghan S. Downing ’04, assistant to the CEO; Daniel Chapman ’81, VP of operations; David Gentile ’01, M.B.A. ’08, accounting manager; Ervin Hamzo ’11, buyer/planner; Sara Duphily ’11, customer service representative; and Adam Millard ’11, facilities manager. More

  • 9/20/2012 RI Science & Technology Project
    Danny Warshay has devoted his career to building, managing and harvesting high-growth entrepreneurial ventures. Most recently, he helped found G-Form an innovative company that uses advanced polymer technology to revolutionize impact protection and vibration dampening for athletic competition. Working with a team that included expertise in polymer chemistry, 3d design, photography, mold making, entrepreneurship, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, Danny and his partners at G-Form created products developed from the athlete's point of view - making use of state of the art smart materials and polymers to make products no one previously knew could possibly be made. More

  • 9/10/12 Entrepreneur Magazine Young Entrepreneur - Picked the Wrong Major - Here's How to Pivot into Entrepreneurship
    That’s a question serial entrepreneur and Brown University entrepreneurship professor Danny Warshay often helps his current students and new grads grapple with. Students have considerably more options than they realize, he says. But too often they narrow their choices before performing a true self-assessment and figuring out where their passions lie. “Unfortunately, many of them end up unhappy and come back to me for guidance,” adds Warshay... More

  • 7/28/09 Diario Economico (Lisbon, Portugal) Paixao E Essencial Para Se Ser Empreende (Passion Is Essential For An Entrepreneur) Daniel Warshay, of Brown University, came to Portugal to teach entrepreneurship to the ISCTE students 
    Did you know that recession periods are the best moments to launch a new business? That is Brown University’s entrepreneurship expert Daniel Warshay’s conviction. The professor, also a businessman, was in Lisbon for a week, advising students of ISCTE, on the 6th Summer School, dedicated, this year, to “Entrepreneurship, innovation and culture...” More

  • 7/10/12 Rhode Island Small Business Journal G-Form: Impact Protection, Revolutionized
    Co-founder Danny Warshay, also a Rhode Island native and local entrepreneur, has been instrumental in keeping G-Form connected to local talent. By recruiting directly from Brown, RISD, and URI, G-Form has been able to keep up with their growing staffing needs while providing a great environment for recent college graduates. More

  • 5/26/12 Brown Alumni Association (Video)
    Alumni Reunion Forum – Start It Up: What It Takes to Successfully “Launch It”

    As was long ago referenced in a now famous Fast Company article, something in the water at Brown fosters an uncanny spirit – and drive for – innovative and entrepreneurial thinking within the corporate and not-for-profit arenas. Hear from alumni who have launched ideas from their dorm rooms and evolved into serial entrepreneurs, as well as those who facilitate launches as investors, negotiators and team builders. More

  • 5/23/12 World Trade Day YouTube Video - G Form More

  • Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory
    Danny Warshay has devoted his career to building, managing and harvesting high-growth entrepreneurial ventures. Most recently, he helped found G-Form an innovative company that uses advanced polymer technology to revolutionize impact protection and vibration dampening for athletic competition. Working with a team that included expertise in polymer chemistry, 3d design, photography, mold making, entrepreneurship, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, Danny and his partners at G-Form created products developed from the athlete's point of view - making use of state of the art smart materials and polymers to make products no one previously knew could possibly be made. More

  • 5/21/12 Providence Business News G-Form named SBANE innovation winner
    WALTHAM – Providence-based G-Form LLC was among the 10 winners of the 2012 New England Innovation Awards from the Smaller Business Association of New England. The 10 winners were spread out in three categories – profit, nonprofit and rising star – and spanned industries from consumer products and youth services to laboratory research and marketing services.G-Form – maker of “extreme” athletic and electronic, protective equipment – was one of two winners in the “rising star” category.

    “The New England Innovation Awards showcases the best innovative companies in our region who possess the most explosive growth potential to expand our economic base,” said SBANE President Robert Baker.“The health of the New England Economy depends upon the creative forces of innovation to drive capital formation and job creation,” said Baker. More

  • 1/25/12 Brown Daily Herald Alums’ tea company blends ‘do good’ approach and creativity
    For many Brown students, studying abroad can seem like an extended vacation. But for Tyler Gage '08.5, one semester in South America changed his entire career path — and led to a groundbreaking business idea. While doing linguistic research in Ecuador, indigenous families introduced Gage to tea from the guayusa plant. He discovered that tea from the plant, found only in South America, had more caffeine and antioxidants than any other tea, and he was inspired to set his sights on a new goal — bringing the plant back to the United States and into the marketplace. More

  • 1/2/12 Providence Business News Media-savvy G-Form YouTube hit firm’s protective padding making inroads in athletic, electronic markets
    Be careful where you leave your iPad at G-Form’s Davol Square Providence office. The maker of “extreme” athletic
    and electronic, protective equipment, known for pounding the delicate tablets with bowling balls and dropping them from planes, is always looking for novel and ever-more-elaborate ways to prove how much punishment
    its products can take. “The torture test implies that if it can sustain a crash from 1,300 feet, then it can definitely sustain everyday use,” said G-Form President Danny Warshay, referring to a recent stunt where two iPad’s clad in G-Form sleeves emerged unscathed after being dropped by skydivers. “We have done more boring videos that demonstrate the efficacy of the product, but people like to see things dropped and smashed.” More

  • 11/4/11 Providence Business News Benchmarking tool for knowledge economy unveiled
    The iPad was on the floor playing a movie when Thomas F. Cafaro, vice president of innovations for G-Form in Providence, dropped a bowling ball on it with a loud thud that brought gasps from the audience. More

  • 5/4/11 Providence Journal 3 business plans recognized by RIBX competition - Warshay students among winners
    PROVIDENCE — Their entrepreneurship professor told the three Brown University undergraduates to think big, and he urged them to get out and talk to the people who would eventually use the product they dreamed of developing in his class. “Danny preaches bottom-up research,” said senior Robert D. [Dan] Aziz about Prof. Danny Warshay, who has taught the class each of his five years at Brown. As his students began crafting an idea for a prenatal beverage supplement to give pregnant women the vitamins they need without the nasty side effects of large prenatal pills, junior William Do went to the Whole Foods Market on North Main Street and started chatting with a pregnant woman. She told him women have what they call “horse pills,” but no drink supplement. More

  • 3/22/11 Brown Daily Herald Spotted at Brown: Panties make periods 'sexy'
    Sexy Period was conceived in the spring of 2008, when Sygiel and co-founder Eunice Png '09 took ENGN 1930: "Entrepreneurship and New Ventures" with entrepreneur Danny Warshay '87, adjunct lecturer in engineering. Warshay is familiar with start-ups — he created his first business as an undergraduate. More

  • 1/23/11 Providence Journal Robin Squibb My happy R.I. entrepreneurial adventure
    You’re nuts! You can’t just start an iced-tea company.” We were sailing south towards Beavertail. The wind was perfect. The sun was warm. “You don’t know a thing about the beverage business, marketing, sales! Who’s going to pay for it? Have you ever written a business plan?” I had spent the last 30 years working as a script supervisor in the film business. I barely knew what a business plan was. Sam had made lots of dough as a private-equity investor.

    ..Rhode Island being Rhode Island, it wasn’t long before I discovered the helpful services of Danny Warshay, a serial entrepreneur and adjunct professor at Brown University who teaches entrepreneurial courses and advises start-ups. More

  • Fall 2010 Brown Inquire Her A Brown Women in Business Publication
    ...Danny Warshay’s course Entrepreneurship & New Ventures is the class that I believe every student should take before leaving Brown. When my friends and peers ask for class recommendations, this class is the class that I repeatedly suggest. It trains you to derive a conclusion and sell it. Regardless of which industry Brown students will enter upon graduation, this course provides students with the skill to define a conclusion from a complicated scenario and write a convincing argument succinctly and concisely. Because of the skills that develop and the opportunities that arise from this demanding course, Entrepreneurship and New Ventures is a unique course that its students are forever grateful for experiencing... More

  • 8/12/10 Estee Badt, CEO at Konot, Retail Technology - Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative Danny Warshay led an Entrepreneurship & New Ventures workshop for 30 CEOs sponsored by the Israel office of Battery Ventures
    As one of 30 CEO participants selected from among 150 applicants, I had the pleasure of participating in Danny Warshay’s entrepreneurship and innovation workshop that he led for the venture capital firm, Battery Ventures. I was especially impressed with Danny’s motivating way of conveying entrepreneurial frameworks and teaching concrete innovation skills, and his inspiring way of leading Harvard case discussions. It is almost a month after the workshop ended, and all 30 of us have started to speak the ‘Danny’s innovation language,’ to analyze our businesses with the frameworks that Danny taught us, and to improve our odds of success with the skills that we learned. For me in particular, the workshop significantly changed my way of overcoming several hurdles that I realized were in the way of our innovation progress. Danny told us that one of his explicit goals for the workshop was to help us to develop more innovation and entrepreneurial confidence, and I know that I feel much more confident after participating. One unexpected and pleasant outcome of the workshop is that we 30 participants – busy CEOs – have made it a priority to continue to communicate with each other through Danny’s online alumni network. We have even met twice as a group since the final workshop session and intend to continue doing so monthly. I hope to be able to participate in Danny’s future workshops and recommend them to any executive, entrepreneur or company looking to learn a proven entrepreneurial and innovation process.

  • 8/10/10 Ronch Marketing, Strategy, Product The Value Behind a Great Workshop
    Early in July I was invited by Battery Ventures to attend one of the best workshops I have ever participated in – “Entrepreneurship & New Ventures” conducted by Professor Danny Warshay. I got an opportunity to be part of a group of 30 talented people – CEOs, founders, marketers and consultants. We all had different backgrounds and different life stories, but all we share a common goal: to do things differently and to set our own path. During an intense 2 days we were taken for well-crafted ride of different aspects of entrepreneurship with an emphasis on the VC world. More

  • 11/16/09 The Brief, WBRU Entrepreneurship in Rhode Island
    ...One thing that I think we shouldn’t get too caught up in is trying to chase what our neighbors are doing. I think we should focus more on what we do well and trying to really grow those areas. Danny Warshay, local entrepreneur, investor and advisor to many early stage companies, and Professor at Brown University concurs. You don’t see biotech being spawned in Rhode Island, but there’s some world class kinds of positions that Rhode Island does enjoy and what I’ve always argued, we ought to focus on enhancing those and not trying to invent new ones for which we’re not best suited to compete...Download mp3

  • 10/9/09 BusinessWeek Beyond Eureka - Looking for a great business idea? These five steps will take you from blank slate to booming
    The process of coming up with a great idea for a new business need not be shrouded in mystery. Serial entrepreneurs, in particular, tend to follow a well-thought-out, disciplined process. "You increase your chances of success when you use a well-defined methodology rather than pulling an idea out of the air and running with it," says Danny Warshay, a Brown University adjunct professor and managing director at Providence-based DEW Ventures, a firm that invests in and coaches startups. A 2008 paper by James Fiet, a professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Louisville, found that training MBA students to use a systematic approach dramatically improved the wealth-creating potential of the business ideas they generated. More

  • 2/4/2009 Providence Phoenix Can the Geeks Save Rhode Island
    Danny Warshay, managing director of DEW Ventures in Providence, cites PolyWorks, in Lincoln, as an example. It makes highly specialized polyurethane and silicone materials — gels, foams, silicones, bladder devices used in a wide range of consumer and medical products. "They have 30 manufacturing jobs, they're growing, they're successful," Warshay says. "And they're doing it at costs that compete favorably with China — in fact, they're now shipping products to China." More

  • 4/2/08 Cleveland Jewish News
    Warshay Teaches the Business of Risk in Cairo Egypt (

  • 12/06 Jewish Voice and Herald
    Danny Warshay featured in the Jewish Voice and Herald regarding his Brown Israel Faculty Exchange Fellowship to teach his Entrepreneurial Process course in the Executive MBA Program at Tel Aviv University” December (Jewish Voice & Herald article)

  • 10/28/06 Providence Business News
    Danny Warshay and RoundOne featured in the Providence Business News (pdf file) 

  • 08/06 Globes
    Danny Warshay interviewed by Globes regarding his innovation and entrepreneurship advice to businesses in northern Israel devastated by the Lebanon war Page 1 in Hebrew Page 2 in Hebrew English Translation

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