Testimonials from students, business executives, and workshop participants

"At CVS Health we are always looking for new ways to develop our team with the right tools and a mindset for innovation. Danny added a fresh new perspective through his dynamic seminar style workshop with 40 leaders at our company. Through dissecting and debating 4 Harvard Business School cases across industries, we learned about how relevant and useful entrepreneurship principles are not just for scrappy startups, but for us as a $130+ billion publicly traded company. As one participant commented about a key insight she gained, 'Entrepreneurship is NOT rich people taking risk, but rather a structured, thoughtful approach on whether and how to move forward with an idea.' Our teams are incorporating the frameworks and principles we learned in Danny's workshop into our work to continue to create and deliver best-in-class pharmacy innovation services."

Jonathan Shaw, VP of Product Innovation and Management, CVSHealth

"A major challenge for most CEOs is that sooner or later we get stuck in the trenches of day-to-day operations. The consequence is that we fail to incorporate the innovative, long-term planning - the type of entrepreneurial process that helped us launch our companies originally - in the current development of our business. The company may lose track of its identity during this phase. 

I chose to work with Danny and together we decided to organize his Entrepreneurial Process workshop at our company. Using Harvard Business School case studies, he challenged and motivated all the participants who represented a cross section of our various functions. Danny taught us that entrepreneurship can be a deliberate process and through Danny's workshop we developed a common language that today helps us address opportunities and challenges in both a fast and structured way. It was really amazing.

One of the major benefits of working with Danny is that he helped me to discover how much hidden potential there is in my colleagues and, most of all, that I can now count on them to move our growing company to the next level. Danny's success did not stop at the end of the workshop; it continued through the relationship and support he maintains with all the participants who now can seek his advice and guidance. He helped us to build entrepreneurial confidence and to grow our entrepreneurial network throughout the world via the Warshay Innovation Network, which we were all invited to join. It is real pleasure working with Danny. I recommend him to all executives and entrepreneurs looking to develop their companies and to develop themselves."

Rok Ursic, CEO, Instrumentation Technologies, Solkan, Slovenia

"I asked Danny to work with our management team and board of directors to help us focus on the necessity of change and to instill a culture of entrepreneurial thinking and innovative action. Danny's workshops helped all of us appreciate that successful innovation and creating new business models do not come about by unbridled brainstorming, but rather via a disciplined process that focuses on the customer of tomorrow. With Danny's help, our organization is firmly committed to change through entrepreneurship and innovation because we know that without change, the likelihood of success is non-existent."

Joe Nagle, CEO, Delta Dental of Rhode Island

"Danny's workshop has been incredibly valuable. His structured approach to entrepreneurship incorporates simple and effective frameworks for identifying, analyzing and executing on opportunities. I describe it to everyone as life-changing and I highly recommend it."

Steve Kirkpatrick, CFO of Rhode Island furniture manufacturer Focal Upright and President of the Board of Sail Newport

"Danny Warshay and I had an idea to start a TMA Executive Training Program with Ivy League Professors and experts in Egypt. We did our first program for senior executives [of large multi-national corporations such as P&G and Shell] focused on entrepreneurship and innovation in January 2008 which because of Danny was so successful that we did another six months later in June. Danny is so good in dealing with all age groups of senior executives, with their backgrounds and with their cultural differences. He is an excellent class moderator, he draws everybody in and keeps the classroom discussions lively and everybody engaged. His choice of Harvard Business School case studies and his attention to detail make the experience unforgettable for our executive clients. We had a testimonial from an Ericsson executive, for example, stating that it was the best learning experience in his life!!!! Danny's success with TMA executive programs did not stop at the end of the course but the continuous relationship and support he maintains with his "students" makes it easy for them to stay connected and seek his advice and guidance. To conclude, Danny was not only a success with clients but also with all personnel dealing with him (the assistants who worked with him and the driver taking him around Cairo have good things to say about Danny). Danny was a pleasure to work with."

May El Batran, Managing Director at TMA Development, Training & Consulting

"As one of 30 CEO participants selected from among 150 applicants, I had the pleasure of participating in Danny Warshay’s Entrepreneurial Process workshop that he led for the venture capital firm, Battery Ventures.  I was especially impressed with Danny’s motivating way of conveying entrepreneurial frameworks and teaching concrete innovation skills, and his inspiring way of leading Harvard case discussions.  As of a month after the workshop ended, all 30 of us have started to speak the ‘Danny’s entrepreneurship language,’ to analyze our businesses with the frameworks that Danny taught us, and to improve our odds of success with the skills that we learned. For me in particular, the workshop significantly changed my way of overcoming several hurdles that I realized were in the way of our entrepreneurial progress.  Danny told us that one of his explicit goals for the workshop was to help us to develop more entrepreneurial confidence, and I know that I feel much more confident after participating.  One unexpected and pleasant outcome of the workshop is that we 30 participants – busy CEOs – have made it a priority to continue to communicate with each other through Danny’s online alumni network.  I hope to be able to participate in Danny’s future workshops and recommend them to any executive, entrepreneur or company looking to learn a proven entrepreneurial process."

Estee Badt, CEO at Konot, Retail Technology

Danny is a rare breed - a world-class professor and genuine business builder who also teaches with a passion.  It's rare when a professor can double as an entrepreneur role model and mentor.  He's been one of the most impactful and highly-rated speakers at Venture for America's Training Camp from the beginning.  He combines academic expertise with real world experience and teaches because he loves it.  He also continues to be a resource to Fellows after the fact, which speaks to what kind of person he is.  Thrilled to consider him a partner and hope to work with him for years to come.

Andrew Yang, CEO and Founder of Venture for America

"As a former student of Danny’s myself, it was an honor to share his unique teaching ability, passion, and wisdom with the Core18 Fellows in Jerusalem this summer.

Danny truly gave his all to the students by insisting that he be hosted where the group was staying and making himself absolutely available to them both in formal and informal ways over the course of the extended weekend that he spent with the program.

The Core18 Fellowship was in its inaugural year and embarking into unfamiliar waters – aiming to incubate the Jewish social ventures of Young Israeli and American entrepreneurs. Danny did not hesitate once and brought both personal and professional insights relevant to the group’s work in Israel and the Jewish world at large.

The feedback I heard most frequently from the participants was, 'Knowing all of Danny’s entrepreneurial and academic achievements – we were so pleasantly surprised to encounter someone so down to earth, friendly, and truly invested in us – he absolutely broke the mold!'

Having now interacted with Danny as his student and colleague, I can say with great pride and confidence that he is one of the only teachers and entrepreneurs I know that when offering “to help out in any way” or to “stay in touch” – sincerely and truly means it.

Danny has made a point of maintaining contact and investing in our relationship over the years and I see him doing the same with the Core18 fellows. Danny is truly one of a kind!"

Jonah Fisher, Program Coordinator, Core18 Leaders Lab, Jerusalem, Israel

"It’s hard to teach someone to be an entrepreneur, and Danny has mastered the process. I know - my company, Premama, is just one of many companies and innovations launched from his classes and corporate workshops.

Premama - which has raised several million dollars in venture capital and whose prenatal vitamin drink is for sale in thousands of stores, including Target - came right from the entrepreneurial process that Danny teaches in class:

  • Starting with his classic bottom-up research method, we discovered an unmet need among pregnant women. 
  • Through Danny's contacts we developed a solution to this need. 
  • Through his business planning process, we developed and pitched the plan we wrote in class to receive enthusiastic and generous backing.
  • And embracing the growth elements of Danny's methodology, we continue to grow our company.

Without Danny’s teaching, I would never have become an entrepreneur. He helped me harness the creative person inside and put me on a new, fulfilling entrepreneurial path."

Dan Aziz, CEO and founder of Premama

"Walking into Danny's class my junior year in college, I never imagined that it would be the catalyst to start my own company that same year. Every other class I took in college was predictable: there were goals and tests and skills to be learned. Danny's class was different in that it was strikingly similar to real life and from the moment we started writing our business plan, I was overcome with a sense of purpose, determination, and pure joy that blossomed throughout the class. I was previously unaware of the concept of venture capital or angel investing and became fascinated with the notion that I could create a product line and grow a company with the support of investors. 

It's not possible to learn and experience everything there is to know about starting a company or raising venture funding in one class, however, Danny taught us the fundamentals to dive into the startup world. The things I learned in his class have greatly enriched the last six years of my life and I know will continue to inspire and shape my career for many years to come."

Julie Sygiel, CEO and founder of DearKate

"As an organization that often hosts international trainers, we were dazzled by the high ratings Danny's workshop received from our participantsDanny's entrepreneurship workshop was challenging and interesting, and participants asked for more from him. Our participants benefited greatly from Danny's global and extensive entrepreneurship experience, and learned a lot from him. We hope to be able to host Danny on a regular basis."

Ambar Renova, Digital Entrepreneurship Programs Manager, Palestine for a New Beginning/Leaders Palestine

"I had an idea for a good project, but had no idea where to start from.This workshop helped me to know the how!"

Rama, a Seeds of Peace Seed from Gaza

"Fostering entrepreneurship, honing analytical skills, and building cross-cultural networks are formidable in any scenario.  Doing so amidst the Arab Spring and in an environment of tense relations is daunting.  Yet, these were the goals of the U.S. Embassy in Bahrain.  We were confident that crucial competencies could be developed through entrepreneurship and that societal challenges could be solved through application of a deliberate entrepreneurial process.  But, how to make it happen?  We reached out to Danny Warshay, who brought his own business success and pedagogical experience, to help us develop a week-long program around business innovation and entrepreneurship.  His workshops across different audiences - university students, university faculty, established business leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and government officials helped alter hardened ways of thinking and fostered confidence in participants.  His sessions built a solid foundation for continued engagement, and we look forward to expanding the programs to other countries as well.  His enthusiasm for connecting with his participants and making a difference are unparalleled.  He is a key ingredient in the U.S. Embassy’s ability to foster a positive learning environment and to help support budding entrepreneurship in the Middle East."

Daniel Stoian, US Diplomat, US Embassy Bahrain

"Attending Danny Warshay’s “Entrepreneurial Process” course was one of the best choices I made.  The course’s methodology of analyzing Harvard case studies is designed to reflect all you learn about business and entrepreneurship in real-life examples, where you enrich your analysis skills, learn from others’ experiences and mistakes and come up with the most innovative and suitable solutions for you as an entrepreneur. Remember, being a Palestinian entrepreneur is challenging, just like any entrepreneur in the rest of the world.  This workshop will show you “how to think” not “what to do” when you face challenges or difficulties.

I remember very well how much Danny wanted to conduct this workshop in Palestine, because he believed that Palestine has inspirational and skillful entrepreneurs just like anywhere in the globe. Don’t hesitate to learn and draw on the best of Danny’s passion, energetic way of discussing the cases, and most importantly his experience as a successful entrepreneur."

Nadeen Baboun, Bethlehem

“Entrepreneurship is the energy that inspires and motivates people with commitment for action. And this energy requires sharpening and guidance. Taking an entrepreneurship workshop with Danny will provide entrepreneurs with the essential dose of concepts and frameworks needed to develop and nurture any business idea. To be able to maximize learning, deep analysis of the cases and material and full engagement and participation will definitely allow participants to reflect on and share their unique experience. I recall that the Palestinian context was always floating in the background while reflecting on the case discussions led by Danny. Gradually I learned that commitment, teamwork and a good and simple business/social model would open a new path: a path of fulfilling and promising future. Enjoy your learning journey!”

Marwan Durzi, Ramallah. MPA/Harvard University, MBA/Kellogg School of Management and BA/American University of Beirut

"I wandered in to Danny's Entrepreneurial Process course in 2008 as a senior who had never taken a math, science or business course my entire time at Brown. I was looking forward to graduating with my literary arts degree and pursuing the Fulbright grant I had recently been awarded.

While I thought I had a big vision for what I wanted to do, Danny urged me to think bigger. He opened my eyes to the opportunity of using business and markets to help the communities that I cared about, and helped me imagine an entirely new level of impact and scale that my dreams could achieve.  More importantly, he helped bring those dreams within reach. He connected me and my business partners to numerous industry experts who could give us expert guidance, many of whom have continued to advise us for over 6 years now since we started.  Danny helped us implement processes to work with our partners, build and reward our staff, and think about partnerships and growth strategy in a more rigorous and holistic way. With this support we've grown to sell our products in over 8,000 stores, support over 3,000 farming families in Ecuador, and raise over $18 million for our for profit and non profit organizations."

Tyler Gage Co-Founder & Co-CEO, RUNA

"Danny's entrepreneurship workshop was about so much more than simply helping our law firm identify and execute on innovative ideas.  He helped us to think about innovation in a way that creates a firm culture.  His workshop showed us how innovation grows business results and adds value for our clients in new and meaningful ways.  His workshop was excellent and very well-received."

Dan Gottfried, Partner, Hinckley Allen

"Taking Danny Warshay's seminar on entrepreneurship was the best decision of my life, as three years later, I operate a successful business with booming sales, a creative brand, and a solid team. Danny helped me develop my confidence as an entrepreneur. Danny is a rock of support, always there for his students with non-judgmental and supportive guidance. Danny gave me concrete tools to stay independent and focused, despite tough odds. 

Danny also helped me overcome real challenges I've faced as an entrepreneur. From fundraising to building solid teams to taking my product to market, Danny's knowledge base is vast. Danny also uses resources wisely; we studied a number of important case studies that have stuck with me three years later. Finally, Danny leverages and shares his network wisely and generously to help students make the connections we need as entrepreneurs. Thank you Danny, for all you do! Bravo!" 

Sadie Kurzban, CEO and Founder, 305Fitness.com